How a Modern Scientific Data Management System Can Accelerate Research and Development

Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Laboratory Technology,
  • Tuesday, September 28, 2021 | 2 pm EDT (1 pm CDT / 11am PDT)
  • 60 min

New product development in the life sciences relies on the ability of scientists to collect and analyze data, which is an often time-intensive process that impedes innovation. Though many labs still rely on unstructured and disparate scientific data management systems, like spreadsheets and PDFs, the majority would benefit from a more structured data management approach to extract key learnings and accelerate research and development.

In this webinar, the expert speaker will explore the benefits of implementing a modern scientific data management system and share solutions to the most common challenges that prevent organizations from realizing these benefits sooner.

This webinar will cover:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of commonly used unstructured data systems, such as spreadsheets, PDFs, and electronic lab notebooks (ELNs)
  • How structured scientific data management systems differ from unstructured software and their key benefits, including improved searchability and accessibility and native visualization capability
  • The practical challenges of adopting a more structured data system, along with implementation recommendations
  • The short- and long-term impact of adopting a structured data management approach

In addition to these topics, the speaker in this webinar will share real examples of how a modern scientific data management system can help streamline processes in the lab. These improvements include creating common workflows for searches to eliminate the need for ad hoc analysis through Excel sheets and the ability to track correlations across a many-stage process, from a simple two-step mixing procedure to a complex 20+ step biological workflow.

Another benefit is the ability to set up standard templates, allowing each scientist to quickly visualize and understand their data without the need for a specialized team with expertise in Structured Query Language (SQL) or custom data visualization tools.

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Will Tashman, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Uncountable

Will Tashman is Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Uncountable. In his role, he works closely with Uncountable’s customers to implement their vision for a modern data platform, delivering high-performing solutions that are tailor-made to customer needs in biotech and other industries. He also leads both new business development and customer solutions teams that have fueled Uncountable’s growth into a leading data management company.

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Jason Hirshman, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Uncountable

Jason serves as Uncountable’s Chief Technology Officer and leads all product development and engineering work within the company. Jason received a Master’s in Computer Science and a B.S. in Mathematics from Stanford University, where he was selected for the Stanford A.I. Innovation Group, which sought to apply machine learning in impactful ways. Jason’s prior industry experience includes building software at Palantir to model data from Syrian refugee camps, leading the mentorship program at StartX, and working as an engineer at BenchPrep.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Executives at biotech and pharmaceutical companies
  • R&D leaders looking to understand the modern data management landscape
  • Executives with global teams who want to use software to help them coordinate more effectively
  • Scientists looking for better tools to use

What You Will Learn

Join this webinar to learn:

  • What is meant by “structured data capture”
  • Where laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) systems are sufficient, and where they fall short
  • The steps necessary to implement a structured scientific data management system successfully, and common pitfalls
  • The short-term and long-term benefits of a truly connected R&D team

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Uncountable helps R&D scientists move from isolated spreadsheets and projects to a comprehensive data management system the whole team can work in. Using the latest predictive technology built on secure, cloud-based infrastructure, you can develop innovative products without the hurdles and inefficiencies of yesterday.

Uncountable’s platform brings structure to your data management workflows, enabling data to be harmonized in ways not possible with other systems, including:

  • Rationalization of data across different teams – quickly find what others within your organization have been doing, and how it applies to your work
  • Native visualization capability – no more writing SQL or exporting to a different scripting program to understand your data
  • Native data importation – take machine data and import it directly into the system for analysis

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