The Use of High Resolution Accurate Mass Spectrometry in Environmental Fate and Metabolism Studies

Fundamental Research, Laboratory Technology, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Preclinical,
  • Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The use of liquid chromatography coupled with high resolution mass spectrometry (LC-HRMS) can be a powerful tool in the characterization and identification of metabolites and degradation products of environmental pollutants in environmental fate and metabolism studies, whether conducted in the laboratory or the field. Advantages of HRMS include:

  • Improved accuracy – important in distinguishing analytes from isobaric interferences in complicated matrices
  • Improved post-acquisition data processing – important in reducing the number of analyses and experiments required to get results
  • Scientific and regulatory necessity – important owing to the required non-targeted analysis of novel compounds dosed at ever lower levels

This webinar will review the merits of employing LC-HRMS by addressing these basic concepts:

  • Scientific and regulatory importance of metabolite identification
  • Instrument Platforms
  • Mass resolution and accurate mass measurements
  • Molecular Formula Information (Most Probable Elemental Composition)
  • Data-Processing Techniques (mass defect filtering, isotope pattern, etc.)
  • The Importance of Separations Chemistry
  • Future Developments of HRMS in Environmental Fate and Metabolism

The presentation will also review case studies in the scientific literature and examples from our laboratory to illustrate how HRMS can be employed in environmental fate and metabolism studies to answer both scientific and regulatory questions.


James Schmidt, Senior Scientific Advisor, ABC Laboratories

James Schmidt brings to ABC nearly three decades of experience in xenobiotic metabolism and bio-analytical chemistry with private, government, and industrial laboratories. His expertise lies in the intersection of experimental and analytical science, with special interests in agrochemical environmental fate and metabolism, chiral separation, and metabolite profiling. He is the author or co-author of several peer-reviewed posters and papers, as well as innumerable scientific reports to satisfy regulatory requirements of both the EPA and FDA. Prior to rejoining ABC in early 2014, James held positions with the USEPA’s Kerr Groundwater Research Laboratory, Sandoz Agro and various positions in the Pharmaceutical industry. He began his career as a study director and group leader in the Environmental Fate group at ABC, with particular experience in soil and aquatic metabolism studies.

Message Presenter

Tom, Fleischmann, Ph.D., Director Metabolism, PTRL West – Evans Analytical Group

Tom Fleischmann is Director of Metabolism at PTRL West, an EAG Inc. company. Prior to joining PTRL West Tom’s experience includes working as a consultant, Director R&D/Director of Laboratory Operations for a bioanalytical laboratory supporting pre-clinical and clinical samples analysis according to GXP guidelines, university faculty researcher and team leader of metabolism group conducting studies in plant and animal test systems to support registration of agricultural products and participant as analyst for conduct of residue field trials. Experience includes structure elucidation of natural products and xenobiotics using mass spectrometry. Tom has a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Georgia Tech.

Message Presenter

Who Should Attend?

  • VP/Director/Manager of Research and Development
  • VP/Director/Manager of Product Development
  • VP/Director/Manager of Technical Operations
  • Anyone involved in the conduct or oversight of laboratory environmental fate studies

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ABC Laboratories

ABC brings more than four decades of product development experience to the testing and registration of pesticide, chemical biochemical, microbial and biotechnology products. Our integrated, results-based approach to program and study design is backed by decades of experience delivering GLP-compliant ecotoxicology and analytical testing services across all types of active ingredients and formulations. Through development know-how, cross-disciplinary technical expertise, and applied experience with evolving global regulatory frameworks, we help the worlds’ largest agricultural companies commercialize innovative solutions to feed the world.

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