Mono PE Laminate’s Role in the Creation of a Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging

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  • Wednesday, March 03, 2021

More sustainable food and personal care packaging remains a key topic that is discussed amongst politicians, packaging manufacturers, consumer goods producers and the general public alike. The uniting goal of all these various stakeholders seems to be the same: reduce, reuse and recycle the packaging we all use. Constantia Flexibles, the world’s 3rd largest producer of flexible packaging, is fully committed to its pledge of making all products recyclable by 2025.

During this webinar, featured speakers from different parts of the value chain will present the context for more sustainable food and personal care packaging, the collective effort that is underway and the key role that mono PE-based laminates will play in making it possible to replace today’s multi-polymer and multi-material laminates.

The in-house experts from Constantia Flexibles will be joined by Graham Houlder, Project Co-ordinator at CEFLEX (A Circular Economy For Flexible Packaging), who will discuss the packaging industry’s commitments to reducing plastic waste, the legislative environment that supports these goals and provide a glimpse into the initiatives CEFLEX is working on.

Moreover, the webinar will also include a discussion between Christine Leveque of one of the leading waste management companies Suez, and Constantia Flexibles’ Head of R&D, Professor Achim Grefenstein, on the value of PE to the recycler. They will provide an overview of how the application of machine-direction orientation (MDO) technology has made it possible for PE to deliver high barrier protection for food products.

This barrier is crucial to create flexible packaging that will ensure products are delivered to end consumers without compromise. The expert speakers will also share insights into how waste collection and waste streams are being set up to turn food and personal care packaging waste into a valuable resource.

The session will be rounded up by Gerwin Schalk, PE Project Leader at Constantia Flexibles, with some practical examples of different packaging formats and products that are already switching from multi-material specifications to barrier PE laminate.

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Vincent Mooij, SUEZ.circpack®

Vincent Mooij, Director of SUEZ.circpack®

Vincent works for the SUEZ group as director of SUEZ.circpack®, providing consultancy services to retailers, packagers and brand owners to increase the recyclability of packaging. The services range from MasterClasses to dedicated packaging advice. SUEZ.circpack provides certification on recyclability for different types of packaging. They are an accredited certifying body for RecyClass. The operational knowledge of SUEZ in the field of collection, sorting and reprocessing of packaging material, provides additional credibility to the expertise of the circpack-team.

Message Presenter
Professor Achim Grefenstein, Constantia Flexibles

Professor Achim Grefenstein, Senior Vice President, Group R&D, Constantia Flexibles

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Achim Grefenstein is leading R&D for Constantia Flexibles. He studied Plastics Processing and Mechanical Engineering at the North-Rhine-Westfalian University of Aachen, Germany, where he did his Ph.D. in plastics compounding. Since 1998, he has been a qualified lecturer there for the subject, “Plastics Compounding & Recycling.” In his 30-year career in the plastics industry, he has been working for major raw material manufacturers and converters in leading R&D and technical sales positions and has thus gained profound expertise in sustainable packaging.

Since the beginning of 2019, he has been an active member of the Advisory Board and Technical Committee for Polyolefin Films of Recyclass. Since May 2020, he has been chairman of the Packaging Division of EUPC, the European plastics converters association.

Message Presenter
Graham Houlder, , SLOOP Consulting

Graham Houlder, CEFLEX Project Coordinator and Managing Director, SLOOP Consulting

After a 23-year career at Unilever in a wide range of management functions, Graham has been an independent consultant helping companies to make their packaging more sustainable. Four years ago, he started the CEFLEX project to help the whole flexible packaging value chain design and deliver the circular economy for flexible packaging in Europe. He now also leads the CELAB project looking to help the self-adhesive label industry make their materials circular and is involved in a similar initiative for tubes.

Message Presenter
Gerwin Schalk, Constantia Flexibles

Gerwin Schalk, Vice President, EcoLam Consumer, Constantia Flexibles

Gerwin Schalk is leading the global program management and implementation of EcoLam for the consumer division. EcoLam is a newly-developed and innovative product family of mono PE recyclable film laminates.

Together with a task force team, he is responsible for the overall transition of Constantia Flexibles’ current portfolio of non-recyclable film laminates towards more sustainable mono PE recyclable laminates where possible.

Gerwin joined Constantia Flexibles in early 2010. Before that, he spent 15 years working for another leading global flexible packaging company in various international sales and business development roles.

Message Presenter
Thomas Schulz, Constantia Flexibles

Thomas Schulz, Vice President Group Marketing & Communication, Constantia Flexibles

Thomas Schulz is responsible for leading Constantia Flexibles marketing and communication activities. A key focus of his work is sustainable activities and innovations and he recently took over the supervision of the entire consumer and pharma marketing and communication activities. Before joining Constantia Flexibles, Thomas worked for more than 7 years at Procter & Gamble on multiple brands, such as Braun, Ariel and Febreze in various brand management roles. He joined Constantia 3 years ago with rich international experience and recently took over the top responsibilities for the company’s marketing activities.

Message Presenter

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What You Will Learn

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • The context for sustainable food and personal care packaging
  • The collective effort that is underway from stakeholders from different parts of the packaging value chain
  • The key role that mono PE-based laminates will play in making it possible to replace today’s multi-polymer and multi-material laminates

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Constantia Flexibles is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flexible packaging. The group supplies its products to numerous multinational corporations and local market leaders in the food, pet food, home & personal care and pharmaceutical industries.

In recent years the group has developed from a supplier with a strong European regional focus into a group which is active on a global basis in the world’s most attractive and fastest-growing markets for flexible packaging. Constantia Flexibles stands for premium positioning, leading technology, customer proximity and highly efficient production facilities.

Furthermore, especially the Consumer Division, with its numerous production sites, guarantee that a market leader from Europe is “just around the corner” in growing markets to support customer needs. It represents 60% of the company’s Group sales and is a global player with a presence in Europe, Russia, USA, Mexico, South Africa and India.

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