Nutrigenomics and the Future of Nutrition: Innovative, Clinically-validated Ingredients to Modulate Gene Expressions in the Body

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  • Wednesday, August 19, 2020

In the current understanding about nutritional genomics (nutrigenomics), various nutritional ingredients are known to modulate gene expressions in different pathways in the body. It is important for us to apply such ingredients to our diet for health maintenance and disease prevention. In this talk, two innovative ingredients will be introduced for different health benefits that have been tested in human clinical studies.

There are various types of polyphenolic antioxidants from different brands, claiming health benefits mainly given by their antioxidant characters. However, it is not widely known that most of those polyphenols are large in molecular size, and our body does not have any enzymes to digest polyphenols, so their absorption is poor. Oligonol®, a standardized, oligomerized-polyphenol from Lychee fruit extract, was developed to solve the issue. In its patented manufacturing process, the polyphenol chain is broken down and stabilized at a lower molecular size, so the absorption is critically improved. By its superior bioavailability, Oligonol® has strong anti-inflammatory effects, and expresses general health benefits of polyphenols at the highest level. The beneficial effects are clinically-validated for blood flow, physical performance, sports nutrition, “beauty from within”, and body fat and muscle composition.

Another innovative ingredient was developed to reduce stress. When we are exposed to stress, our body produces an intrinsic protective agent, HSP (heat-shock protein), to alleviate cellular damage caused by stress. ETAS®, a standardized extract of asparagus stem, was developed to turn on such HSP as an oral supplement. ETAS® is the world’s first and only dietary ingredient that can induce HSP expression. The beneficial effects are clinically validated for stress relief, better quality sleep and brain function.



Dan Lifton, President, Maypro Ventures

Dan Lifton is President of Maypro Ventures, the corporate development division of Maypro – a global supplier of nutritional ingredients and finished products with strong market presence in the United States, Canada, South America, Japan, China and other Asian countries. Lifton holds a Master’s degree with Honors from Columbia University, a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgetown University and a certificate degree from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Message Presenter

Kohei Homma, Ph.D, Executive Director of Business Development, Amino Up Co., Ltd., Japan

Dr. Kohei Homma studies the molecular mechanisms and interactions happening in our body, from gene expression to protein structure and function. After ten years in academic research, Dr. Homma joined Amino Up, a Japan’s leading biotechnology company that produces nutraceutical and nutritional ingredients from natural sources. Dr. Homma is currently the executive director of business development in Amino Up, and engages in collaborative research management, product development and technical support for customers, utilizing his scientific expertise and global business experience. 

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Who Should Attend?

Job Titles:

  • Product Manager
  • Clinical Researcher
  • Product Formulators /Developers/ Researchers
  • Regulatory Manager and/or Director
  • Marketing Manager and/or Director
  • Purchasing Manager and/or Director


  • Nutraceuticals
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Pet Nutrition
  • Beverage

What You Will Learn

  • Nutrigenomics, why it is important for us to apply such ingredients in our diet for health maintenance and disease prevention.
  • Innovative ingredients with different health benefits, backed by scientific evidences, tested in human clinical studies.
  • Polyphenols and their molecular size
  • HSP (heat-shock protein) and how it alleviates cellular damages caused by stress

Xtalks Partner

Maypro Industries

Maypro Industries, founded in 1977 by Japanese entrepreneur Steve Yamada, was a small company with a big vision — to improve human health and happiness by importing the best-quality nutraceutical ingredients and fine chemicals to the US market from Asia.

At the time, the United States had the population to support massive growth of its fledgling dietary supplement industry but suffered from a dearth of innovative ingredients. Japan, on the other hand, was developing ground-breaking nutraceuticals at breakneck speed, but its small population limited the ingredients’ growth potential. Maypro became the bridge between the two countries.

Today, Maypro has grown into one of the largest global suppliers of nutraceutical ingredients and fine chemicals, with six strategically located companies in the US, Japan and China and a global staff of over 50. We continue to build global bridges, expanding into Europe and Latin America, and now service hundreds of countries worldwide.

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