3 Reasons Why a Talent Community is Valuable for Life Science Recruitment

3 Reasons Why a Talent Community is Valuable for Life Science Recruitment

Have you ever been asked to join a company’s talent community during a job search? If so, then you must know that these talent communities are becoming a vital recruitment strategy for employers. 

A talent community is a digital network of potential employees that have previously expressed interest in certain roles from your organization. Many companies have built highly successful talent communities and benefited from their advantages for recruitment. 

Life science organizations are facing immense pressure by the government, the general public and regulators due to COVID-19 and its emerging variants. The global disruption within the life science and healthcare fields calls for new and improved talent strategies. Life science employers must work towards hiring specialized talent faster than ever in this “Patient First” era.

The terms, talent community and talent pool can be used interchangeably. Basically, they are both online communities of job seekers or passive job seekers that could be strong candidates for recruitment. Employers are consistently cultivating these online talent communities with new members and could also be feeding candidates with new content regularly. 

Here are three reasons why your life science talent acquisition strategy should include usage of an effective talent community or talent pool to ensure your organization attracts top talent. 

1. Save Time By Accelerating Recruitment Processes 

Talent communities save business time and money by connecting them to strong prospects from the very beginning of the recruitment process. If you add your jobs within a robust, reputable and specialized life science talent community, you are more likely to hear from higher quality candidates. 

Job seekers that are a part of an online talent community will immediately receive email updates or alerts regarding new roles within their field of interest. These job notifications are a crucial benefit that talent communities can offer their members. The job postings are able to circulate faster and reach the inboxes of a much larger contact base.

2. Source Ideal Candidates Through a Talent Pool/Pipeline

Employers can refine their recruitment processes for candidates by cultivating talent pipelines within a talent community. Essentially, the talent community is an ongoing sourcing strategy for candidates. Most online communities are  cross-functional platforms for employers and candidates to intersect. Hence the talent community remains continual, with new members joining consistently. Talent communities are constantly evolving through the following actions: 

  • Employers are consistently building profiles for candidates they need to hire
  • Job seekers are browsing or searching for different careers/jobs
  • New and innovative roles are emerging 

The talent community is sustainable. This means that employers will continue to have new roles to fill right now or for the future. Plus, new job seekers will carry on with joining the right talent communities which help them with their career search. 

Employers must attempt to initiate their talent pipelines by participating in talent communities. A talent pipeline is an immediate stream of available candidates that can potentially fill a future position. Once you have posted your job, a stream of applications are accessible for you. While job seekers who have similar career objectives have a higher probability of being in direct contact with an employer of interest. Thus both parties benefit from the talent community.

3. Build Brand Awareness 

Talent communities are a great way to expand brand awareness. As you are sharing information about your organization’s services and products through various types of job postings. Employers are able to gain higher visibility for every job posting they make while also expanding  their own professional network. Moreover, employer branding can help attract more highly qualified candidates as they gain more exposure to your company’s purpose. 

A talent community has many passive candidates who are not actively seeking a job. However your company could still nurture interest within them. At times, there are candidates looking to make an entire career switch and your job post could entice them to finally take that action. Even if they don’t apply immediately, they are still becoming aware of the potential opening at your company. This gives them insight into what sorts of roles your company offers and the standard entry level requirements. 

Corporate culture is a major factor candidates take into consideration before applying to companies they are interested in, or even when accepting a job offer. Make sure to describe your organization’s purpose, work environment and values within the job postings. 

How the Talent Community at Xtalks Job Search Can Help Life Science Employers

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