Find Talent in the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Step-By-Step Guide to Xtalks Job Search

Find Talent in the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Step-By-Step Guide to Xtalks Job Search

Are you ready to find well-qualified candidates within our global talent pool of life science professionals? Here is a simplified step-by-step guide that can help you get started.

The search to find talent in the life sciences isn’t always an easy pursuit. It requires ongoing strategies for attracting, retaining and developing the right candidates. Talent acquisition and employment practices are constantly changing in the pharma industry. This is why employers must stay up to date with the latest hiring trends.

Popular online job platforms (such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter and other broader job posting websites) are optimized for unemployed job seekers. These job platforms are far too generic and they often lead to a plethora of unqualified applications. 

Tapping into a more specialized life science job search platform can shorten the process of weeding out the unqualified applicants. Read more on how to navigate through the Xtalks Job Search portal and how this may prove to be a highly valuable resource in your talent search. 

Why Choose Xtalks Job Search to Find Talent? 

The Xtalks online life science community is full of highly active, career-oriented professionals. As an employer, you’re able to tap into talent from our broad range of entry-level candidates to C-suite executives within the pharma, biotech and medical device industry. Xtalks members consistently return to our website for career insights to enhance their knowledge through webinars, articles and podcasts. 

Members can tap into relevant opportunities on Xtalks.com by engaging with their personal profile, interest settings and job alert newsletters. The Xtalks Job Search platform gives employers, users and job seekers a chance to optimize their search journey for higher success. See the image below for the suggested jobs section available for Xtalks members that are simply browsing the platform. 

Suggested Jobs


Additionally, members and non-registered users can also find talent with enhanced search usability; Map-based search and the industry’s most thorough job category listings allow employers to benefit by increased visibility of their job posts (see image below).

This precise categorization of life science job roles helps match the right professionals to the best-suited jobs. Most importantly, access to customer support and assistance is always available from our team. 

How to Get Started With Your Job Posting

Ready to post your job on Xtalks Job Search? Follow this simple five-step process to get your position seen by well-qualified candidates.

1) Select the number of postings you’d like to purchase here. If you aren’t an Xtalks member yet, an account will automatically be made for you while your purchase is being completed. The job credits will be added to your account once your purchase is complete. Alternatively, you can login to your Xtalks account or join today and find access to all job related content through “Industry Jobs” in the primary navigation menu. 

Post your job on Xtalks easily through these three steps: login, checkout and post. You’ll also get access to the number of views and applications through your job posting portal.

2) Now that you have access to your employer job posting portal, enter all the details for your job posting to find talent. Start off with the job post account details where you input the company information.


3) Next, input all of the relevant information you would like to include like job title, description, logo and closing date. By utilizing our Google Maps integration feature, you are able to enter the location of the job or identify it as a remote position. You can choose to receive applications directly from Xtalks via email. Even add your external link if you plan on directing applicants to your own job portal.


4) Select from our advanced targeting tools to refine your job post listings. Such as industry, salary, currency and position type to help job seekers find your ad. Make sure to select up to three options for career focus. This is an important aspect of how jobs populate within Xtalks.com. As it helps us better target your jobs through our various job alert newsletters. This can help optimize your talent search to find the specific applicants you’re looking for.


5) You’re done — its that simple.  Your job posting is now up for at least 30 days (for each credit used). Discoverable to a previously untapped talent pool of life science professionals. Don’t forget, even if our members aren’t actively looking for a new job, they may have access to your job posting through their member profile. Our targeted newsletters will show up for them as well if their interests match your job post career focus. 


Competing for talent in the global pharmaceutical industry requires focusing on recruitment strategies, defining your job requirements and utilizing the most relevant job platforms. Xtalks Job Search offers career insights for life science professionals and employers looking to grow and develop their professional expertise. Those working within the life science, pharma and biotech industries can explore current job openings here

Are you ready to find well-qualified candidates within our global talent pool of life science professionals? Then get started here to purchase your job credits. We hope our simplified step-by-step procedure can help you find talent. If you have a question about Xtalks Job Search, speak to a direct customer support representative directly via LiveChat or drop us a message here.