Could Plant-Based Cream Cheese Be More Popular Than a Dairy-Based Spreadable?

Could Plant-Based Cream Cheese Be More Popular Than a Dairy-Based Spreadable?

Cashew-based cream cheeses by Treeline Cheese will soon be available at over 3,000 stores nationwide.

Plant-based cream cheeses are making their way onto shelves and meeting consumer demands for dairy-free alternatives. A new line of cream cheeses has now been launched by Treeline Cheese.

Treeline Cheese’s new line of cream cheese is made from cashew nuts and other natural ingredients. The product comes in three flavors: Plain, Chive & Onion and Strawberry.

“As more consumers look to reduce their dairy intake, the introduction of delicious and creamy plant-based cheeses that match the rich flavors and consistency of dairy cheese is driving category growth. Treeline appeals to a broad spectrum of consumers from flexitarians to vegans,” said Treeline CEO Justin Lambeth.  An added benefit of Treeline’s new cream cheeses is their low levels of saturated fat compared to dairy cream cheese and many other plant-based cream cheeses.

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According to a statement by Treeline Cheese, the Plain cream cheese is rich with a creamy texture, made with only five ingredients. The Strawberry flavor is made with real strawberries giving a hint of sweetness. Finally, the Chives & Onions flavor brings a savory and balanced taste to the spreadable cream cheese.

Treeline Cheese has re-invented the non-dairy cheese with an artisanal process that takes traditional dairy cheese-making methods and repurposes them. They ferment creamy cashew nuts with a probiotic called L. acidophilus. This results in the creamy consistency, smooth texture and rich flavor, which is usually seen in fine dairy cheeses.

Treeline Cheese also make French-style cheese in Herb Garlic, Scallion, Sea Salt & Pepper and Chipotle-Serrano flavors, along with two varieties of aged cheese wheels in Classic and Cracked Pepper Aged Cheese flavors.

The plant-based cheese market is a booming industry with many vegan companies competing to find the perfect texture and flavor to meet consumer needs. Companies such as Tofurky, Tofutti and WildCREAMERY have already began competing in this cream cheese market. This is an important industry to tackle as large fast food chains such as White Castle and McDonalds begin to introduce vegan options to their menus.