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First FDA-Approved Video Game for ADHD + Why Not to Worry About Menstrual Changes After COVID-19 Vaccination

First FDA-Approved Video Game for ADHD + Why Not to Worry About Menstrual Changes After COVID-19 Vaccination

In this episode, Ayesha talks about the launch of a digital marketing campaign for the first FDA-approved therapeutic video game to help treat ADHD. The video game, called EndeavorRx, is installed as an app on smart phones and tablets. It was developed by digital medicine company Akili Interactive. The game is available by prescription and is indicated for children eight to 12 years of age with primarily inattentive or combined-type ADHD who have a demonstrated attention issue. Akili launched the first ad campaign for the game on Instagram and is also looking to advertise on other social media outlets. While the game is to be used alongside traditional ADHD medications, it could lower medication doses and serve as a promising non-pharmaceutical alternative for ADHD treatment in children.

The team also discussed growing reports of how some women have been experiencing changes in their menstrual cycle following COVID-19 vaccination. While the link between the vaccines and irregular periods have not been studied, experts say the changes are short-term and are not of concern. In fact, vaccination against influenza and HPV are known to lead to temporary menstrual changes. The COVID-19 vaccines may trigger similar changes due to activation of immune cells in the uterus or inflammation, or just simply due to stress around getting vaccinated. Until a causal link is shown, the group agreed that people should not be taken in by conspiracy theories about menstrual cycle changes as related to fertility and pregnancy; the vaccines have been shown to have no effect on the latter.

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