Health and Allergy-Conscious Oat Milk Product Introduced to the Market

Health and Allergy-Conscious Oat Milk Product Introduced to the Market

Credit: Oatsome. BetterBody Foods introduces new Oatsome oat milk product to the market.

BetterBody Foods, a healthy food company best known for powdered peanut butter PBfit, have announced a new product, Oatsome. This is an organic oat milk that is a sweet, creamy, slightly oat-flavored dairy milk substitute.

Oatsome is a completely vegan and plant-based beverage that has no added sugar, and is completely soy and nut free. The alternative milk is also organic, non-GMO and gluten-free. BetterBody Foods are targeting consumers that are health-conscious and allergy-prone. The drink is frothable and drinkable; its purpose is to be used anywhere that another dairy or non-dairy milk would be used. This includes smoothies, coffee, lattes, on cereal and in baking.

The founder of BetterBody Foods, Stephen Richards, has been paying close attention to the rise in this trend and its popularity in Europe, so, he partnered with an Italian family who has been making oat milk for years in order to cater to this consumer demand.

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“Only the finest ingredients go into Oatsome – the highest quality organic, non-GMO, gluten-free oats and no added sugar, gums, thickeners or stabilizers ever,” said Richards.

Oatsome oat milk
Its purpose is to be used anywhere.

The difference in this beverage compared to other similar substitute milks is that it does not use carrageenan. This is an additive that is used to thicken and emulsify food and drinks. It is a natural ingredient that comes from red seaweed. Oatsome also provides a more sustainable alternative for the environment as it requires less pressure to make, in comparison to almond milk. According to the company, “almonds require over six times as much water to grow than oats.”

The way oat milk is made is by soaking steel cut or rolled oats, then blending and straining them to make the thick and creamy liquid.

According to Research and Markets, the oat milk market is projected to be worth $1.7 billion in 2024. It was stated in June 2019 that there is a limited number of companies in the oat milk market, but this is expected to rise giving companies an opportunity to enter the market.