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How Xtalks Editorial Can Leverage Registrants for Your Webinar

How Xtalks Editorial Can Leverage Registrants for Your Webinar

Whether your organization focuses on medical device regulation, clinical trial optimizations or is an ingredient solutions provider, each Xtalks Vitals category provides their own unique way to boost audience engagement and drive traffic to your upcoming webinar event.

Xtalks Editorial covers the latest business to business (B2B) news stories in life sciences, medical devices and food industries. Each platform provides industry professionals with a variety of outlets such as news stories, blogs, videos, and quizzes to stay up to date with the latest trends and topics in their field.

In addition, Xtalks’ partners can also use the editorial platform to feature their own brand and build a stronger connection with their targeted audience throughout the life-cycle of their webinar series.

The most progressive companies use content marketing to keep top-of-mind with their audience.

After all, statistics reveal that the majority of the buying process is completed before ever contacting a salesperson and customers are more likely to purchase from an organization that delivers custom content. Content marketing pieces, in the form of Xtalks Editorial content, offer a variety of channels to increase these touchpoints with your audience. Informative news releases and other editorial pieces provide creative ways to deliver custom content. They’re a great way to communicate your company as a thought leader in your industry and go hand-in-hand with a webinar series to keep your organization top-of-mind.

Whether your organization focuses on medical device regulation, clinical trial optimizations or is an ingredient solutions provider, each Xtalks Vitals category provides their own unique way to boost audience engagement and drive traffic to your upcoming webinar event. Editorial content is featured throughout Xtalks.com, including the homepage, industry pages, related content modules and Xtalks member’s profiles. Moreover, each editorial piece, as outlined below, is promoted on multiple social media outlets, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

News Story

Xtalks Vitals News can cover timely and news-worthy topics from emerging B2B partnerships, advancements in technologies or new products on the market.

Xtalks’ partners can also provide the editorial team with press releases to help familiarize the reader with their organization and generate further interest about new company initiatives or upcoming and recorded webinars.

Quartesian and Medrio press release provided for Xtalks.

How do I Promote an Upcoming Webinar vs a Recorded Webinar Within an Article, is There a Difference?

For both upcoming and recorded webinars, potential attendees will be prompted to register online to access the content through the related webinars module or through a text link in the article itself. Both upcoming and recorded webinar event pages prompt visitors to register for the webinar. While recorded webinars can be accessed immediately by the registrant, upcoming webinars require users to wait until the event date to attend and participate in the webinar. That said, all live webinar registrants can access the post-event recording.

Related webinar tiles placed at the bottom of every Xtalks article for either upcoming or archived webinars.


Blog Article

Xtalks Vital Blogs are longer than news articles and discuss industry-related topics in further detail. They can be distributed in three different styles to expand a company’s outreach and catch the attention of a specialist or expert in their relating field.

1. Guest Blogs

Guest blog posts can work as a way to create excitement around an upcoming webinar. Speakers from Xtalks’ partners can write an in-depth blog based on their topic of expertise to give readers a greater idea of what the webinar is about. It also provides an alternative outreach strategy to draw future attendees to the webinar event page. In this blog, a link will be added at the bottom of the article and a webinar tile will be added to prompt the reader to register if they are interested.

Example of a guest blog promoting a topic that will be discussed in further detail in their upcoming webinar.

2. Archived Webinar Blog

A blog can also be used to promote archived webinars to enhance post-webinar registrations. In this case, the Xtalks Editorial team will write a blog based on the topic of your past webinar. In addition to the related webinar tile, a link will be displayed in both the first and final paragraph of the post to attract clicks to your webinar archive.

Blog post used to promote an archived webinar.

3. Interview Style Blog

These conversational blogs can be written as an interview piece between an Xtalks moderator and a webinar speaker or expert in their field. Similar to the previous blog posts, webinar links can be promoted through the article and showcased as tiles under the ‘related webinars’ at the bottom of the page.

Xtalks interview style blog.

Vitals Video

Xtalks Vitals Videos are typically news articles and sometimes trending blog topics that are transformed into a brief 3-4 minute video piece. The content is distributed on our Youtube channel and shared across all social media channels.

Each week a Vitals Video promotes an upcoming webinar by featuring the webinar at the beginning and end of the industry related video clip. In addition, a link to the webinar registration page is also embedded in the Youtube description to further encourage viewers to sign up for the upcoming or recorded webinar.

The Xtalks Editorial team can also create a Vitals Video based on a topic, finding, or area of expertise related to your organization’s upcoming webinar. The video is edited similarly to a news story and features the speaker sharing their insights on camera or webcam.

This is a great way to familiarize the audience with your speaker and can be used as an outreach tool to further promote your brand to a wider audience. Interesting photos, footage, and logos from your company can also be incorporated to enhance the video’s visual components.


Xtalks Vitals Quizzes provide a fun and interactive way to drive traffic to your upcoming webinar. It can also work to test people’s knowledge around a topic of interest or skill in your field. This can measure how much the prospective webinar registrant knows and much they still have to learn, prompting more viewers to register for a webinar at the end of the quiz.

Quizzes can also be embedded within news and blog articles and can be easily shared with colleagues and act as an entertaining and interactive way to learn more about the life science, medical device, or food industry.

Loma Systems Xtalks quiz promoting upcoming webinar.

Do you need help with marketing for an upcoming webinar? Do you want to maximize your registrant count in creative ways? Do you want to stay front of mind with your prospective audience? Make sure to reach out to us for more information.