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Noodles & Company Celebrating National Noodle Day by Implementing Prices That Go Back 25 Years

Noodles & Company Celebrating National Noodle Day by Implementing Prices That Go Back 25 Years

To celebrate National Noodle Day, Noodles & Company has a special offer for noodle lovers.

Noodles & Company kicked off their 25th anniversary celebrations on National Noodle Day, which was on October 6th, with throwback prices and free delivery for 25 days.

The pricing applies to Noodles Rewards members, and on National Noodle Day, they will be receiving an additional 25 percent off of their orders to set the restaurant pricing back to what is was 25 years ago. Members will also receive free delivery starting October 7th until the 31st. Those that wish to participate can join the fun by signing up for Noodles Rewards and then partake in the special offers.

“For 25 years our mission has been to nourish and inspire every guest, team member, and community we serve. To say we are grateful for the amazing people who’ve dined and worked with us for the past 25 year is an understatement — our loyal guests and team members are the heartstring of our business and the reason why we love what we do,” said Dave Boennighausen, chief executive officer of Noodles & Company, in a statement. “We look forward to thanking our valued guests for 25 years of loyalty with these special offers. It is our privilege to keep serving our guests the food they know and love year-over-year, especially during a trying year like this one.”

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Noodles & Company were leaders in the fast-casual industry. They showed the brand’s continued strength by safely serving guests and quickly adapting to the changes that were needed. Meals can be ordered through the Noodles application and online.

“We are confident that we are emerging from the pandemic even stronger than we were before,” said Boennighausen. “We were well-positioned going into COVID with our enhanced digital ordering process, a best-in-class Rewards program, and simple to use off-premise options, which have enabled us to better serve our guests during this rapidly changing time. Furthermore, our food inherently travels well, making it optimal for takeout and delivery, which has allowed guests to enjoy our food at home.”

The company saw a return to positive sales growth, recovering from COVID-19 during the fiscal month of September. The company is seeing a 146 percent increase in digital sales compared to last year. Loyal customers have been the main contributor to Noodles’ recovery and they have seen a growth in monthly sales that are attributed to Rewards members. More than 90 percent of their dining rooms are now open with the rest to open in the next few weeks.

It is estimated that the pasta and noodle market will be worth $81.7 billion by 2025. The market is anticipated to increase due to the launch of a wide variety of new products to cater to growing consumer demand.  New products vary on the basis of flavors, themes, shapes, types of noodles or pasta and ingredients.

According to the Taste Atlas, cellophane noodles, otherwise known as Chinese vermicelli and glass noodles, are the most popular type of noodle. Cellophane noodles are made from water and starch extracted from mung beans, yams, cassava or potato. The second most popular is a Japanese favorite known as udon, which is thick and chewy and made with wheat flour and soba. Soba noodles are the third most popular; “soba” is a Japanese term for buckwheat, and is a thin noodle that is prepared for numerous hot and cold dishes.

Noodles are popular all over the world with different countries adopting various cuisine flavors. From Europeans making pasta to Asians making noodle dishes, this National Noodle Day sheds light on a staple in various diets.