Poor Medication Adherence in Your Clinical Trial? Maybe Vaica Can Help

Poor Medication Adherence in Your Clinical Trial? Maybe Vaica Can Help

Israeli medication adherence company Vaica has just launched a device designed to address patient non-compliance to medication schedules during clinical trials. The Capsuled medication adherence system can be customized by pharmaceutical sponsors to collect patient data on when the medication was taken, and whether the right dose was administered.

The device is also designed to encourage patients to take their medication with escalating reminders. Because of its customizable nature, the Capsuled device can support all medication modalities, from inhalers to injectables.

“The Capsuled is a unique patient adherence product targeted specifically for the pharmaceutical industry,” said Tomer Gofer, CEO of Vaica. “It offers an improved solution, based on our validated, FDA and CE approved technology.”

Two clinical studies to be conducted by a large private hospital chain in Italy will be the first to implement Vaica’s Capsuled technology. Telemedicine services provider TeleCare H24 will also partner in this clinical program to address poor medication adherence in chronic disease populations, including patients with diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The Capsuled device to be used in the COPD study has been customized to accommodate inhalers developed by different pharmaceutical companies, include AstraZeneca and Boehringer Ingelheim. One of the features of this system is the ability to identify unique medication IDs attributed to the different inhalers.

“Vaica’s mission is to improve patients’ lives through its customized medication adherence solutions,” said Gofer. “At the core of our technology is cloud-based software, enabling remote management of smart medication dispensers. This offers real time patient engagement, resulting in higher adherence levels, better patient outcomes and enhanced support.”

The Capsuled is just the latest in a number of medication adherence systems designed by Vaica. Hospitals like McGill University Health Centre, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center currently use another of the company’s medication adherence products, SimpleMed+.