Beyond Integration: A Unified IRT and eCOA Platform

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  • Thursday, November 29, 2018

Data silos present widespread challenges to clinical research efficiency, data quality and cost. The average trial has more than a dozen data capture systems, which requires upfront work and thoughtful integration to ensure the right data flows across key systems.

Traditional data integration solutions only offer limited utility as clinical trial complexity and associated data volumes increase.

Data unification represents a next-generation solution, by creating critical eClinical systems in a shared environment.

This webinar discusses the benefits of building eCOA and IRT in a unified platform. Discussion focuses on efficiency creation, risk reduction and how data from each function complements the other.



Jaime Cook, Vice President, Technical Delivery, YPrime

Jaime Cook is Vice President of Technical Delivery. In this role, Jaime leads YPrime’s team of project developers and configuration specialists who build and deliver IRT, eCOA, and unified systems.

Jaime brings extensive knowledge of clinical systems, cloud-based technology and programming languages. Jaime has held a number of leadership roles, where he shaped the company’s business consulting and customer care functions.

Prior to co-founding YPrime in 2006, Jaime worked as a technical consultant and systems analyst for Cephalon, Merck and Perceptive Informatics. Throughout his earlier career, Jaime has led development efforts for enterprise and purpose-built applications that integrated and displayed clinical data across organizations.

Message Presenter

Who Should Attend?

eCOA/ePRO, IRT Specialists, plus senior professionals working within:

  • Clinical Operations
  • Clinical Supply Management
  • Data Management
  • eClinical Technologies
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Outsourcing & Procurement
  • HEOR
  • PCOR

What You Will Learn

Join this webinar to learn about the benefits of building eCOA and IRT in a unified platform, including:

  • Efficiency creation
  • Risk reduction
  • How data from each function complements the other

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YPrime offers more than a decade of focused work with eclinical systems to expedite and improve the quality of patient management, clinical supplies, drug accountability and clinical data. Cloud-based interactive response technology (IRT) and electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) platforms offer sponsors greater speed, precision and integration in clinical trial management.

Our data services and tools help sponsors bring together fragmented clinical research data into contextual information they can act on. YPrime’s technology and service offerings enable sponsors to move faster and more efficiently to their next development milestone.

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