A Data-Driven Workflow for Cell Line Development: How Productivity and Data Can Transform an Assurance-Based Workflow

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  • Thursday, February 04, 2021

The development of novel cell therapies requires the latest technologies to create, isolate and characterize the highest value cells. As cell-based therapies expand into areas far beyond monoclonal antibodies, cell line development researchers look for new tools to engage and manage their expanding remit.

Cell line development workflows engage in isolation of single cells (‘clonal derivation’) followed by out-growth. Productivity measurements and critical quality attributes are employed in the characterization of leading clones for banking in Master Cell Banks.

This webinar explores ICON™ and STUDIUS™ from Solentim, two new products for cell line development.

Hear from the developers of the technologies as they present their new data-rich workflow. Participants will be able to see example data sets and learn about the practicalities of integrating data-centric decision making into the cell therapy development process. Learn how new levels of assurance, data integrity and process management can build into a more confident investigational new drug (IND) submission.

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Duncan Borthwick, PhD, Global Marketing Manager, Solentim Ltd.

Duncan Borthwick has a PhD from the University of Edinburgh and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Since hanging up his lab coat 20+ years ago, Duncan has worked in the development of novel instrumentation and products. He heads the Product Management group at Solentim, working closely with the R&D, biology and commercial teams working to define the next set of products to support the cell therapy community.

Message Presenter

Mark Stockdale, Amalgamator of Business and Biology, Galvanize Bio

Mark Stockdale is a keen technology consultant. He started his career at Pfizer, and has also worked as a Group Leader at Horizon Discovery Ltd, a scientist within Lonza Biologics, and at Cyclacel Ltd. With over 15 years of professional experience in cell line development and drug discovery, his passion is to bring new technologies to bear on unmet needs and provide great insight into the future technology requirements in stable cell line development.

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Who Should Attend?

Senior professionals in biotech, biopharma and at CDMOs, including:

  • Cell Line Development Scientists
  • Head of Cell Line Development
  • Technology Development Scientists
  • Antibody Development companies

What You Will Learn

  • How data is driving a new workflow for cell line development
  • Integration of automation and software in biotherapeutics
  • How data management can lead to a more confident IND submission

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Solentim is the trusted global leader for solutions to create, isolate, and characterize the highest value cells for the development of new biological medicines, including cell and gene therapies, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and stem cells. For our customers, which include most of the world’s leading biotherapeutics companies, we are the partner of choice for facilitating the highest level of assurance in cell line development for therapeutic protein and viral vector production. Our portfolio of proven and innovative technologies, combined with our unparalleled experience, ensures our customers achieve accelerated Master Cell Bank development and are confidently prepared for regulatory review.

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