Future of Chromatography Resins: Improved Resolution in Bioprocessing

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  • Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Discover an informative webinar that explores the future of chromatography resins and the use of environmentally friendly technology for biotherapeutic purification.

The Evolution of Chromatography Resins

Chromatography resins are crucial in the purification process of biotherapeutic products, including everything from monoclonal antibodies to cell and gene therapies. With increase in the awareness of their environmental impact, it is critical to ensure green, sustainable choices are made whenever possible.

Many resins currently are made from microplastics and require careful disposal to prevent environmental contamination, which contributes to higher costs. In this webinar, the featured speaker will talk about an eco-friendly alternative. Developed from agarose, a natural polysaccharide sourced from marine algae, these chromatography resins do not compromise on performance.


Agarose is notable for its inert and hydrophilic nature, minimizing non-specific binding and maximizing the purity of the extracted products. Agarose beads feature an optimal mix of high porosity, extensive surface area and the right degree of rigidity, which supports high flow rates.

This combination of attributes ensures increased capacities and reduced processing times. Choosing agarose as the base material is not only about optimal performance, but also about making a conscientious decision towards a sustainable future.

In this webinar, the speaker will focus on how different chromatography bead manufacturing methods can impact bead performance, with variations in techniques affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of chromatography. They will also cover the selection of optimal bead sizes for various workflow steps, offering guidance on choosing the right bead size to match workflow requirements and optimize separation efficiency. Furthermore, the advantages of using a 65 µm bead size are discussed as it helps achieve high resolutions, rapid flow rates and shorter residence times.

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Richard Dodd, Astrea Bioseparations

Richard Dodd, Senior Field Applications Specialist, Astrea Bioseparations

Richard Dodd brings over three decades of expertise in the biotechnology and pharma industries to his current role. As a vital member of the Global Field Application Specialist (FAS) team at Astrea Bioseparations, he leverages his extensive experience across various positions within the company to provide exemplary support to both customers and the sales team in utilizing Astrea Bioseparations’ comprehensive product portfolio.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to:

  • DSP Scientists/Manager/Director
  • MSAT Scientists/Manager/Director
  • Principal/Senior/Research Scientist
  • Process Development Scientist/Manager/Director
  • Drug Discovery Scientist/Manager/Director

Professionals working in the following fields:

  • Cell & Gene Therapies (pDNA/AAV)
  • Antibody production
  • Recombinant protein production
  • Plasma fractionation

What You Will Learn

Attendees will learn about:

  • How different manufacturing methods significantly influence chromatography bead performance
  • How variations in manufacturing techniques can affect chromatography efficiency and effectiveness
  • How to choose the appropriate chromatography bead size tailored to specific workflow stages
  • Benefits of using 65 µm bead size, including achieving high resolutions, rapid flow rates and shorter residence times
  • How the 65 µm bead size contributes to superior chromatographic performance compared to other sizes

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