The Productization of Translational Science

Life Sciences, Commercialization & HEOR,
  • Wednesday, April 26, 2023

The most rewarding projects are where one is challenged to establish a paradigm shift and can change the standard of care. These special projects require a deeper level of understanding of the disease state and the science behind the technical solutions. A comprehensive process helps to solve the most difficult challenges and by extension the simple ones too. In this webinar, the featured speaker will talk about the productization of translational science — breaking down tasks and developing solutions that will change the standard of care.

When talking about simplifying challenges, it is a good idea to start with a task analysis. This can be high level or aspirational if the project is early-stage and concept configurations have not been established. If the solution space is well defined the task analysis (or functional flow) may have a lot of detail. Each step should be evaluated through the lens of the stakeholders to identify user challenges and opportunities to enhance the experience. In addition, each step should be evaluated considering the technical aspects and looking for failure modes and ways to improve performance.

At Veranex, translational science activities are woven into this process to establish a thorough understanding of the physiology associated with the therapy (what is changing) and conversely the science behind the mechanism of action of the technology (how it’s changing it). A couple of examples of physiologic needs: 1) establish the correlation of bilirubin levels and skin color across infant ethnicities. 2) establish the mechanical forces applied to a cell to create openings in the cell wall. Examples of technology needs could be 1) identify methods to measure changes in bilirubin levels or 2) how to isolate cells and impart prescribed shear forces.

These activities and processes ensure product solutions that will be successful. Join this webinar to learn how to bring about the productization of translational science, with insights into developing impactful solutions.


Joe Gordon, Veranex

Joe Gordon, SVP Science and Technology, Veranex

Throughout his 25+ year career, quarterbacking over 300+ projects, Joe Gordon has been at the core of Veranex’s ability to develop breakthrough solutions and is nearly always involved in overseeing nascent technology development and full end-to-end MedTech product development programs. In most every case, Joe’s role is to guide through the chaos to bring clarity to innovation and to distill it into practical digestible concepts. Correspondingly, Joe is highly skilled in navigating the most crowded of patent landscapes while driving and building robust patent protection strategies for Veranex’s clients.

Joe has a seasoned breadth and an uncommon depth of demonstrated expertise in developing commercialized solutions across a wide range of specialized healthcare fields. From complex capital systems, next-gen wearables, or integrated drug delivery product platforms, Joe is a valued expert who sets the innovation compass in the right direction.

Joe’s recognitions and industry leadership highlights:

  • Med Tech Innovator Mentor and Judge
  • Kidney X and Pediatric Innovation Judge
  • Named inventor on over 50 US Patents
  • Numerous product design awards
  • Frequent workshops and conference presentations
  • Contributor to industry publications
Message Presenter

Tom Lutzow, VP, Design & Experience, Veranex

Tom leads our Product Design team, focused on the realization of new products. Integrating the practices of Human-Centered Design, Human Factors Engineering, Digital Design and Design Engineering with a team that translates user insights into meaningful product solutions. Working across the design continuum from early-phase work to late-phase clinical and commercial design and development. Tom has over 17 years of experience in the space, with a background in industrial design he is well-versed in the healthcare space and has supported hundreds of projects across markets and technology platforms. Including drug delivery systems, wearables, connected devices, surgical robotics, surgical tools, women’s healthcare, point of care and lab use diagnostics.

Message Presenter

Who Should Attend?

  • Medical Device Manufacturers, with a product design & engineering focus
  • Academic institutions – product development, PhDs, professors, people interested in spinning of technology into a company/product
  • Hospital innovation staff – R&D, product development, PhDs, professors, people interested in spinning of technology into a company/product
  • Venture groups + VC and PE groups – targeting early innovation companies, with investment in emerging technologies and want to understand development steps
  • Areas: user, tech, business:
    • IP
    • R&D
    • Marketing
    • Product development
    • Innovation

What You Will Learn

Attendees will discover:

  • Everything is simple when broken down into manageable size elements
  • How to develop solutions that will change the standard of care
  • How to develop impactful solutions
  • To generate scientific concepts, one must understand the science

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Veranex Product Design & Engineering

With a fully integrated concept-to-commercialization solution, Veranex’s design and engineering expertise sets us apart, providing you with visibility to development feasibility and opportunity along the way. Our expertise improves your launch readiness and expedites the development of your technology for regulatory and commercial success. We’re ISO 13485-certified and FDA-registered for medical technology product development, and with more than 30 years of experience and a global reach into emerging markets, our design and engineering specialization will make your MedTech vision a reality.

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