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Would you Consider Being a Plant Junkie?

Would you Consider Being a Plant Junkie?

BetterBody Foods has launched a new line of plant-based condiments called Plant Junkie.

BetterBody Foods has launched a new line of condiments that are 100 percent plant-based. But this new vegan-friendly line, called Plant Junkie, aims to target more than just vegan consumers.

The company believes as more and more consumers shift to milk alternatives, they wonder what other changes they could implement to drive consumer traffic to non-dairy products. They believe that the biggest setback in motivating people to make a shift is the fear of how plant-based products taste. Therefore, they are committing to developing a line of products, under the Plant Junkie name, that focus on salad sidekicks. This includes toppings, marinades, spreads and dips.

BetterBody Foods’ goal is “to provide you and your family with better food choices… We’re constantly creating new food choices, so the best is yet to come. It doesn’t get better than BetterBody Foods.”

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In the past, BetterBody Foods launched their own oat milk called Oatsome, catering to the milk alternative market. They are also the creators of PB Fit, a lower-calorie protein powder made of peanut butter. Now, Plant Junkie is featuring five new types of ranch salad dressings made with avocado oil and two vinaigrettes made with expeller-pressed canola oil. Additionally, for those wrap and sandwich lovers, spread selections include regular and chipotle lime flavors made with each type of oil.

All the salad dressings by Plant Junkie are dairy, egg, soy, and gluten free. This makes it an ideal brand for individuals with food allergies. According to BetterBody Foods, studies show that there is a growing desire among consumers to seek out more plant-based products. In the US, retail sales in the plant-based market has grown 11 percent in the past year.

Plant Junkie products will be available in March on Amazon and on BetterBody Foods’ website and will hit the shelves later in 2020. Furthermore, Plant Junkie’s avocado oil-based spreads are set to debut in 200 Harris Teeter stores in March. In mid-March, the brand will release five varieties of their plant-based dressing in 180 Hannaford supermarkets. Later on, look for their canola oil spreads, and four varieties of dressing set to launch in 125 Giant Foods mid-June.