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Syneos Health Announces “Life to Lab” Enterprise Partnership with Health Data Solutions Provider Komodo Health

Syneos Health Announces “Life to Lab” Enterprise Partnership with Health Data Solutions Provider Komodo Health

Syneos Health is growing its partnership with health intelligence software provider Komodo Health to build enhanced operational trial designs based on real-world clinical data analytics.

Biopharmaceutical solutions company Syneos Health (Nasdaq:SYNH) is expanding its partnership with health data solutions provider Komodo Health through the launch of a new enterprise called “Lab to Life.”

Syneos Health says Lab to Life will allow the company to better analyze clinical, real-world and commercial data, offering customers a seamless integration to their operational trial designs and commercialization deployment strategies to transform biopharmaceutical product development. The initiative is in line with Syneos’ mission of shortening the distance from lab to life through accelerating the development of therapies that impact health worldwide. As a leading end-to-end, fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions company, Syneos Health brings together all the disciplines involved in bringing new therapies to market, from clinical to commercial, to foster customer success.

Syneos Health first partnered with Komodo Health two years ago to implement data-driven strategies to enhance customer engagement for the Syneos Health Kinetic team.

Komodo Health is a data-driven healthcare software company that has access to the broadest and largest array of real-world clinical data across patients and practitioners.

Last month, the company launched Prism and Sentinel, two powerful software solutions that offer real-time intelligence for deriving insights from the world’s largest de-identified, real-world patient data database. Komodo says the solutions are “designed to power the next generation of machine-learning innovation to solve complex challenges, like pinpointing rare disease signals or identifying underserved cancer patients.”

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“Biopharma companies are transforming to meet the challenges of a more complex operating, regulatory and reimbursement environment,” said Larry Pickett, chief information and digital officer, for Syneos Health, in a press release from the company. “Komodo is an important foundational platform to our Dynamic Assembly network, our flexible data and technology strategy that optimizes opportunities for customers and helps increase the likelihood of regulatory approval and commercial success.”

Pickett added, “Our expanded relationship with Komodo Health allows Syneos Health to better integrate our clinical, real-world and late phase data and commercial capabilities to deliver on the entire spectrum of Lab to Life product development.”

The new Lab to Life platform is powered by Komodo’s Healthcare Map, which integrates Komodo Health’s Prism and Sentinel applications. Healthcare Map will allow Syneos Health to perform sophisticated studies using comprehensive and de-identified, aggregated patient data. Komodo’s Healthcare Map encompasses a dataset consisting of 325 million de-identified patient journeys in the US.

Syneos Health will leverage Komodo Health’s Prism software to support feasibility, market sizing, site selection and patient cohort analytics; the Sentinel solution will offer comprehensive insights into real-world patient journeys through the integration of proprietary datasets, tools and algorithms. These solutions will allow Syneos Health to enhance procedures for matching site activation and patient enrollment to help optimize clinical trial operational strategies. For example, the solutions can help identify patient proximity hotspots.

Syneos says Komodo Health’s Platform and suite of applications will be an important part of the Syneos Health Dynamic Assembly network, an open ecosystem of preferred, best-of-breed data and technology collaborators that are dedicated to designing fit-for-purpose solutions to strategically address the nuances of each customer engagement.

“From cardiovascular health to ultra-rare diseases, Syneos Health is now poised to capitalize on a new generation of data-driven intelligence, built on a foundation of patient-level data that is unparalleled in the industry,” said Web Sun, co-founder and president, Komodo Health. “Through our Prism and Sentinel solutions, Komodo is proud to deploy our unique software capabilities to fuel Syneos Health’s real-world evidence capabilities and growth as they continue to provide differentiated insights for their clients.”

Syneos Health continues in its efforts to expand delivery of data solutions across the healthcare and biopharmaceutical sectors. Earlier this year, Syneos closed out its acquisition of CRO Synteract in a deal worth approximately $400 million in bids to service customers across the small to mid-sized (SMID) market categories.