Advancing In Vitro Diagnostics and Accelerating Drug Discovery with the Latest Microarray Technologies

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  • Thursday, July 18, 2024 | 11am EDT (NA) / 4pm BST (UK) / 5pm CEST (EU-Central)
  • 60 min

In this webinar, the speaker will explore recent array applications in diagnostics and drug discovery and provide insights into the build vs. buy decision for arrays. The attendees will learn the critical factors such as infrastructure, expertise, equipment and other considerations involved in microarray production’s build vs. buy dilemma.

The attendees will gain insights into making better-informed decisions on microarray products. The speaker will also discuss leveraging collaboration with experienced development and high-throughput production partners to reduce time-to-market and mitigate launch risks, ensuring a smoother and more efficient path to product success.

Register for this webinar to learn how the latest microarray technologies improve production outcomes, reduce time to market, and mitigate launch risk for microarray products, keeping you at the forefront of in vitro diagnostics and drug discovery.



Dr. James Downs, Business Development Manager, US, SCHOTT MINIFAB

Leveraging an over 20 year career across biopharmaceutical and medical device chains, Dr. James Downs is passionate about helping companies develop highly complex point-of-care and clinical diagnostic cartridges and components. With a BS in Economics from the University of Southern MS and an MBA and PhD in Economics from HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Business, he previously held management roles with Pfizer Inc, led multiple medical device startups and is now leading SCHOTT MINIFAB’s business development team.

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Tamma M. Kaysser-Kranich, SCHOTT MINIFAB

Tamma M. Kaysser-Kranich, PhD, Head of Development, SCHOTT MINIFAB

Tamma Kaysser-Kranich has been involved in research and diagnostic microarray development, design, product launch and production for more than 20 years.  Her background includes a BS in Biochemistry from UC Davis, a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and a post-doctorate at Jackson Laboratories.  She has worked in microarray product design and production at Motorola Life Sciences, Amersham Biosciences, GE Healthcare, Applied Microarrays and is now with SCHOTT MINIFAB.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to:

  • Product Developers
  • Research & Development (R&D) Managers/Directors
  • Procurement Managers/Directors
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) or Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Business Development Managers/Directors
  • Diagnostic and life science research companies

What You Will Learn

Attendees will learn about:

  • Latest advancements in microarray design, development and production and how microarrays drive progress in in vitro diagnostics and drug discovery
  • Recent applications of microarrays in diagnostics and drug discovery
  • Critical factors to consider when deciding to build or buy microarray solutions
  • Strategies to minimize time-to-market and launch risks by collaborating with experienced development partners

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SCHOTT MINIFAB, a contract manufacturer, partners with diagnostic and life science research firms, offering rapid and efficient design, development, and manufacturing of IVD consumables. Our integrated approach ensures streamlined processes from concept to commercialization, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and scalable production capabilities for the highest possible quality. Our diverse solutions encompass functional coatings, microarray printing, and polymer microfluidic integration, addressing a wide range of technical needs while reducing overall costs. With a legacy of over 130 years in problem-solving, our team of passionate professionals empowers product developers and researchers worldwide, realizing innovations that improve patient care and advance scientific breakthroughs.

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