Is Vegan Mayonnaise the Next Big Plant-Based Trend?

Is Vegan Mayonnaise the Next Big Plant-Based Trend?

Primal Kitchen Vegan Mayo is a plant-based, egg-free mayo and comes in three flavors.

Primal Kitchen, a paleo foods company that make their products with ingredients that focus on good fats and clean protein, have introduced a new line of mayonnaise that is vegan and made with avocado oil.

Primal Kitchen Vegan Mayo is made without canola oil, soybean oil, gluten grains or sugars. The condiment is both keto friendly and vegan.

The product is plant-based, egg-free and comes in three flavors; Original, Rosemary Garlic and Jalapeno Lime.

“Our Vegan Mayo uses potato protein, a functional ingredient, for emulsification. This unique differentiator makes our line paleo-friendly and Whole30 Approved, without using a legume-based emulsifier like pea protein or chickpea water,” said founder Mark Sisson. “There really isn’t another vegan mayo out there that checks all the boxes and has a creamy, uncompromisingly delicious flavor.”

According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), one of the most common food allergies include milk and eggs. Therefore, Primal Kitchen believe that this plant-based product is targeted at more than only vegans. Rather, it targets the consumers that are unable to use mayo dips and spreads due to their dietary restrictions.

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Furthermore, avocado oil includes various health-based benefits, which includes being rich in oleic acid, a healthy fat that makes up 70 percent of the avocado oil. It reduces cholesterol and improves heart health, is high in lutein, enhances absorption of important nutrients, and may reduce symptoms of arthritis.

According to the Vegconomist, the market research shows that vegan mayonnaise is expected to dominate markets in North America and Europe. Certain regions such as India have seen a rapid growth of egg-free mayonnaise. This is due to the large vegetarian population and various social and religious conventions. “It is estimated that over 80 percent of mayonnaise sales in the country are egg-free varieties,” said the report.

The suggested retail price for Primal Kitchen Vegan Mayo is $9.99 for 12 oz. It will be hitting shelves at Natural Independent Grocers and Whole Foods Market in April and will spread nationwide throughout 2020.