Swift Medical Reveals New Imaging Device for Remote, Digital Wound Care

Swift Medical Reveals New Imaging Device for Remote, Digital Wound Care

The Swift Ray 1 is attached to the camera of a cellphone and used to capture images of the skin using advanced digital imaging technology. Photo Source: Swift Medical

Toronto-based Swift Medical, a leader in digital wound care technologies, has introduced a new imaging device that can assist in the treatment and monitoring of skin and wound conditions. The medical device, Swift Ray 1, is the world’s first all-in-one hyperspectral imaging device.

Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand and in your pocket, the digital wound care device is wirelessly mounted onto the camera of a smartphone, offering powerful collection of images of the skin. Swift Ray 1 captures information “beneath the skin” that is not visible to the naked eye to help make better assessments of skin and wound issues.

Swift Medical says the advanced imaging in its digital wound care device allows for the extraction of accurate clinical data for patients, regardless of skin tone, “making wound care more accessible for everyone.”

The Swift Ray 1 connects with Swift Medical’s proprietary wound management app, providing clinicians with real-time information on how a patient’s wound is healing to assist in clinical and operational decision-making.

It can also be integrated with electronic health record (EHR) systems to help clinicians access, store and share data more readily to improve clinical effectiveness and outcomes.

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In North America, more than 8.2 million individuals currently suffer from chronic wounds, and they are a significant health challenge worldwide. Moreover, chronic wounds are often associated with other common chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Swift Medical notes that “as rates of obesity, diabetes and other chronic conditions continue to skyrocket, the number of patients at risk of developing wounds will continue to rise.”

The Swift Ray 1 captures and analyzes key physiological characteristics of wounds that can show whether there is something of concern and/or any issues in healing, such as signs of infection, bacterial invasion, perfusion, inflammation as well as blood oxygen levels.

These types of problematic indications can often not be seen with the human eye, especially in early stages. The digital wound care device can highlight such beneath-the-skin characteristics through long-wave infrared, near infrared, ultraviolet and enhanced red, green and blue (RGB) imaging technology.

Swift Ray 1 is based on hyperspectral imaging technology in which a larger number of wavelengths and narrower bands of light are analyzed from each pixel in an image rather than just assigning the primary colors of red, green and blue. This allows for more information to be extracted from each pixel.

“The future of wound care goes beyond what the naked eye can perceive and beyond the walls of the clinic, which is why our dream has always been to equalize and improve healthcare access for humanity through intelligent diagnostics,” said Carlo Perez, co-founder and CEO of Swift Medical.

“The Swift Ray 1 gets us one step closer by helping clinicians and patients see below the surface of the skin, to heal wounds faster or prevent them from ever even developing.”

In addition to digital wound care, the Swift Ray 1 can also help detect other skin conditions and traumas, including the early detection of deep tissue injuries and pressure injuries.

With the capacity for remote monitoring, Swift Medical says the Swift Ray 1 allows clinicians to capture and share images “at any bedside, enabling healthcare centers to provide more accessible, efficient and preventive care.”