Top 10 Best Medical Device/Medtech Companies to Work For in 2024, According to Forbes

Top 10 Best Medical Device/Medtech Companies to Work For in 2024, According to Forbes

Logos courtesy of Stryker, Cardinal Health, Medline Industries, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Patterson, Edwards Lifesciences, McKesson, Agilent Technologies and Abbott Laboratories.

Several medical device companies have earned the prestigious distinction of being on Forbes’ “America’s Best Large Employers” list. This recognition is significant in the ever-evolving and highly competitive medtech industry, which is largely dominated by small and mid-size companies. The Forbes list is the result of a comprehensive analysis of over 170,000 US-based workers and acknowledges companies that are leading in work culture, employee satisfaction and happiness.

The responses for the Forbes ranking were gathered from a diverse pool, including current staff, recent ex-employees and individuals familiar with the company through personal or professional networks. The assessments from current and former staff members were given particular importance. A unique aspect of this year’s methodology was the integration of data from the past three years, with a stronger focus on recent feedback. This approach aimed to identify companies with sustained high ratings over time.

A deep dive into the list reveals that the formula for a high level of employee satisfaction is a mix of competitive financial packages, benefits such as healthcare, education support and professional development, wellness initiatives, recognitions for achievements and diversity and inclusion.

These top 10 best medical device/medtech companies to work for in 2024 not only attract top talent but are masters at retaining it through their employee-friendly policies and positive culture and practices.

1. Stryker (Rank 98)

Stryker tops the medtech companies designated as America’s Best Large Employers. It offers products and services in its Medical and Surgical Equipment, Neurotechnology, Orthopedics and Training and Education divisions that help improve patient and healthcare outcomes. Their mantra is work/life integration with the idea that no perfect balance fits every person at every career and life stage. Furthermore, their recognition programs and open communication foster a sense of pride in employees while supporting diversity, equity and inclusion.

2. Cardinal Health (Rank 217)

Based in Dublin, Ohio, Cardinal Health, Inc., is a distributor of pharmaceuticals, a worldwide producer and distributor of medical and laboratory supplies and a supplier of performance and data solutions for healthcare institutions. Equal access and equal opportunity are core foundations at Cardinal Health. In addition, tailored career development programs and an inclusive and diverse environment make Cardinal Health one of the leading employers on this list.

3. Medline Industries (Rank 225)

Medline is a healthcare corporation specializing in medical supply manufacturing, distribution and solutions provision, dedicated to enhancing the overall operational efficiency of healthcare systems. It is dedicated to upholding the utmost safety and health standards within the workplace and fostering opportunities for employee connection and growth. Medline advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion throughout their organization and actively engages in efforts to address health equity in communities locally and globally.

4. Medtronic (Rank 230)

Medtronic holds the top position on this list in terms of the number of employees. The company has over 95,000 employees across 150 countries. Achieving the designation is no mean feat for a company of this size. It strives to recognize the personal worth of all employees by providing an employment framework that allows personal satisfaction in work accomplished, security, advancement opportunities and means to share in the company’s success.

5. Boston Scientific (Rank 246)

Boston Scientific is committed to revolutionizing lives through innovative medical solutions that enhance the well-being of patients globally. It sets an example of inculcating innovation and growth without compromising employee experience. The company prioritizes employee input and career advancements in addition to employee well-being, health and safety. Work-life balance, along with diversity and inclusivity, is also a prime focus that contributes to its prime ranking.

6. Patterson (Rank 360)

Founded in 1877, Patterson Companies, Inc. engages in dental and animal health supplies. Patterson takes pride in being a people-first company and provides personal and professional growth opportunities by connecting employees to relevant and impactful learning experiences. At the same time, it advocates for equality, social justice and inclusion. Two key initiatives set it apart from other employers: its support of nonprofit organizations by providing resources, including financial support and employee time and talent, and its own Patterson Foundation, which has donated to oral and animal health nonprofit organizations. These initiatives add value and meaning to the work of each employee.

7. Edwards Lifesciences (Rank 385)

Edwards Lifesciences is a global leader in patient-focused medical innovations for structural heart disease, critical care and surgical monitoring. It understands the importance of a healthy work environment and strives to provide a variety of benefits, ranging from financial support to physical and mental wellness to a diverse and inclusive workforce, making it one of the best medtech companies to work for in 2024.

8. McKesson (Rank 389)

McKesson Corp. is a global leader in supply chain management solutions, retail pharmacy, community oncology and specialty care, and healthcare information technology. Its culture is built around diverse perspectives, and its employees’ ideas and experiences are valued. The company takes pride in its robust employee wellness programs and flexibility at work, which together foster a positive work environment.

9. Agilent Technologies (Rank 415)

Agilent supports scientists in 110 countries in cutting-edge life science research, patient diagnostics and testing required to ensure the safety of water, food and pharmaceuticals. The company is dedicated to fostering a healthy work environment that inspires collaboration, teamwork and innovation in a truly global scientific community. The positive work culture is reflected in its core values, which include integrity, trust, respect, teamwork, accountability and innovation.

10. Abbott Laboratories (Rank 435)

Founded in 1888, Abbott Laboratories discovers, develops, manufactures and sells a broad and diversified line of healthcare products. Abbott fosters a diverse, collaborative and innovative global workplace culture. The company prioritizes diversity and inclusion, encouraging collaboration and promoting innovation among its employees. It also provides comprehensive benefits to empower its employees to thrive personally and professionally, equipping them with the tools they need to lead fulfilling lives.

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