66 All-Female Webinars to Watch This International Women’s Day 2023

66 All-Female Webinars to Watch This International Women’s Day 2023

In 2022, Xtalks proudly showcased the expertise of women from the life science, medical device and food industries in 66 webinars with all-female speakers.

International Women’s Day gives us all a chance to reflect on and celebrate the progress women have made in historically male-dominated fields, such as science, technology, engineering and medicine (STEM). For two decades, Xtalks has been championing the dissemination of critical information in these highly regulated industries, and was a pioneer in harnessing the power of webinars and other virtual events to give everyone, including women, the opportunity to connect with their audience and showcase their expertise regardless of geographical boundaries.

In 2022, Xtalks proudly showcased the expertise of women from the life science, medical device and food industries in 66 webinars with all-female speakers. That’s 40 percent more women-led events compared to our total in 2018.

From clinical trials, laboratory technology and healthcare, to drug discovery, pharmacovigilance and pharmaceutical manufacturing, you’re sure to find a webinar in the list below that will help you stay up to date on the latest in your field. Follow the links below to watch these free, on-demand webinars now. And for more webinars in each category, click the subheading to view our entire library.

Laboratory Technology Webinars

Laboratory Technology

Our laboratory technology webinars deliver the latest developments in cutting-edge technologies for a broad range of applications in the life sciences. Webinars in this category include lab tools used in both preclinical and clinical research.

The Clinical Impact of Early Detection of Extended-Spectrum Beta Lactamase (ESBL) Bacteremia in Hospitalized Patients

A New Era for Automated Liquid Handling

Oligonucleotide Purification With Anion Exchange Chromatography (AIEX)

Rapid BCID Saved Costs and Reduced Healthcare Worker-Patient Interaction Time During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A More Effective Purification of Therapeutic Peptides Using Orthogonal Techniques

Alternative Approaches to Functional and Phenotypic Assays Using Multiparameter Flow Cytometry

The Impact of Multiplex Testing for Respiratory Infections in North America

Liquid Biopsy Workflow Optimization for Improved Assay Sensitivity and Multianalyte Applications of Cell-Free RNA, DNA and CTCs

Driving Better Titers and Shorter Timelines with a Robust and Scalable CHO DG44 Platform


Healthcare Webinars


Innovations and patient-centric approaches are vital in the evolution of our healthcare systems. Xtalks is committed to showcasing the latest developments in healthcare through its healthcare webinars. Our healthcare webinars include topics ranging from healthcare digitization to healthcare supply chains and patient-centric approaches in healthcare.

Building Next: 3 Ways to Respond to Shifts in Healthcare Realities in 2023 and Beyond

How Early Detection & Diagnostic Products Will Shape the Future of Healthcare


Pharmaceutical Regulation Webinars


In the pharmaceutical industry, regulations govern every aspect of drug development, from preclinical testing and toxicology studies through human clinical trials, drug approval, commercialization and pharmaceutical marketing. No matter the stage of development you’re involved in, our collection of pharmaceutical regulation webinars will help you stay up-to-date on the latest regulatory changes with the FDA, EMA and other global regulatory agencies.

Creating a Global CMC Dossier to Achieve Operational Readiness


Drug Discovery & Development Webinars

Drug Discovery & Development

Our drug discovery & development webinars category covers a broad range of topics from the most preliminary stages of R&D all the way through to clinical trials. Whether you’re involved in the early drug discovery or later drug development phases of research, you’ll find events in this category that will help to solve process issues and improve your efficiency.

Obtaining Complex Peptides Thanks to Efficient Technologies is No Longer a Dream: Successful Stories of Difficult Syntheses

Downstream Process Development of a Complicated Fusion Protein

Rational Design of Peptide Nucleic Acid Conjugates for Biomedical Applications

NGS Solutions for FFPE Materials — Maximizing Immuno-Oncology Insights with Challenging Clinical Samples

Non-Clinical vs Clinical: Risks & Considerations When Developing Modified Release Dosage Forms

The Future of Glioblastoma Research: Developing Clinically Relevant Models for Evaluating Novel Therapies

Biomarker Discovery from Gene Expression: Challenges and Solutions for Success

Recombinant Protein Expression in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Success in CHO

Accelerating Biologics Development to Medicines: Key Drivers of Success

Novel Protein-Like Synthetic Polymers with Superior Properties as Therapeutics, Diagnostics and Targeted Delivery Agents

Facilitating Target Identification Processes with AI: Challenges and Prospects

ThingWorx Navigate — Building Better Collaboration with Product Lifecycle Management Data

Process Characterization & Statistical Modeling — Transforming Data into Knowledge Throughout the Product Lifecycle

Key Buffer Considerations for AAV Full Capsid Enrichment

Automation of Solid-Phase Aromatic Foldamer Synthesis


Pharma Manufacturing & Supply Chain Webinars

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Our collection of upcoming and on-demand pharma manufacturing & supply chain webinars span all aspects of the production and distribution of drugs and biologics. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to choose a GMP facility to manufacture your drug product, or you’re in need of temperature-controlled logistics solutions for a vaccine, there’s bound to be a webinar in this category that will have the information you’re looking for.

Choosing the Right eQMS: How one Pharmaceutical Company Gained Incredible Results

A Strain Development Strategy to Enhance Screening, Process Development and Scale-Up

Examining the Use of Osmolality within Viral Vector Manufacturing


Clinical Trials Webinars

Clinical Trials

There is a wide range of topics covered in our clinical trial webinars — from tips on clinical trial start-up and remote trials to risk-based monitoring and best practices for clinical trial enrollment.

Decentralized and Hybrid Clinical Trials — Importance of Interoperability and Partnership

Leveraging AI to Improve the Financial, Operational and Scientific ROI of Clinical Research

Time for Change in NASH: How Non-Invasive Biomarkers are Driving a Paradigm Shift in Clinical Trials and Clinical Care

Optimizing Patient Care & Clinical Research: How HCPs can Leverage Data Insights & Analytics

eConsent — Driving Successful Adoption

Cultural-Linguistic Considerations for Successful Cognitive Endpoint Assessment in International CNS Clinical Trials

Next-Gen Cell Therapies: Listening and Engaging with Patient Perspectives as an Essential Element in Clinical Trials

Successful Statistical Strategies for Patient Screening and Stratification

Getting Neuroimaging Right — How to Succeed in Neurodegenerative Clinical Trials

Home Health: Best Practices and Processes to Build Confidence in the Value of In-Home Services

Key Considerations for Planning Complex Clinical Trials: An In-Depth Look into Oncology Trials

Patient-Reported Outcomes as Endpoints in Oncology Trials and Marketing Claims: An FDA/EMA Perspective

Advances in Precision Motion and Imaging Clinical Trial Endpoints Collection for Parkinson’s Disease

Longitudinal Qualitative Research: A Powerful Tool for Patient-centred Research

How EQRx Improved Site Engagement During Study Start-Up

Engaging Patients in Long COVID Studies

Pandemic Preparedness: Managing Clinical Research During a Public Health Emergency

Benefits of Bayesian Dose Escalation Designs for Oncology Studies

Bringing the Oncology Trial to the Patient: New Perspectives and Technologies That Enable More Engaging Trial Participation

Overcoming Challenges in Pediatric Clinical Trials With Digital Devices

Onsite Pharmacy Compounding for Your Phase 1 Clinical Study

Hot Flashes, Brain Fog and the Blues: Frontiers in Menopause Treatments

Best Practices for Adopting an Advanced Clinical Data Management Workbench for Clinical Data Services Delivery

A Guide to Conducting Clinical Trials in China

How Biorepository and Archiving Best Practices can Free Up Frontline Clinical Resources

The Value of Patient Co-Creation in Clinical Trial Design

Leveraging Remote Assessments and Central Raters to Optimize Rare Disease Clinical Trials

Effective Oncology Clinical Site Relationships: A Solid Case

Industry Secrets to Enhance Clinical Trial Supply Chain Management


Commercialization and HEOR Webinars


Xtalks keeps its audience abreast on the latest and most important topics in health industry economics through its commercialization & HEOR (health economics and outcomes research) webinars. Topics include health economic assessments, pharmacoeconomics, access challenges, strategic alliances and the use of drug models to determine commercialization strategy.

Review of Key Trends for Life Science Commercial Teams in 2023


Pharmacovigilance Webinars


As therapeutics continue to become more complex and personalized to each patient, biopharma companies will face new challenges in tracking adverse reactions and complying with pharmacovigilance guidelines established by diverse regulatory agencies around the world. Pharmacovigilance webinar topics include strategies for outsourcing, managing safety reporting in emerging markets and new models that foster innovations in pharmacovigilance.

Case Study: Maintaining Control and Visibility When Outsourcing Pharmacovigilance


Medical Device Webinars

Medical Device

There is a wide range of topics covered in our medical device webinars – from comparisons of medical device and drug research, in-depth analyses of market potentials for medical devices in emerging markets, to discussions of the medical device regulatory environment and technologies to help you achieve regulatory compliance.

ISO 11608: Best Practices to De-Risk & Shorten Time to Market for Wearable Injectors


Food Industry Webinars

Food Manufacturing

Learn about the many aspects of the industry in this wide selection of food webinars. For example, topics range from food manufacturing and supply chain, ingredients and innovation and testing. Some webinars dive deep into the most pressing challenges facing the industry today, such as safety training, AI and blockchain implementation and changing consumer demands. And when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness in manufacturing environments, the selection of food safety and regulation webinars can help sponsors navigate the world of safety intervention and its application in real-world processing environments.

How Training Technology Helps Engage & Retain Frontline Workers in the Food Industry

Build a Mature Food Safety Culture that Delivers Results — Beyond GFSI Compliance

Food Packaging Testing: The Importance of Monitoring for PFAS

BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9 — What to Expect?

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